Some of the most beautiful moments in life happen when we’re just being our unique and most authentic selves. It’s a form of art, really, and one that I strive to capture through my lens.


BrianLaura-267Hi there – I’m Laura and I like taking photos with my trusty Nikon, in case you couldn’t already guess. I’m passionate about capturing memories for families in their natural element through the different stages of our lives – romance, engagements, weddings, babies, families, etc. Not only do I snap the posed “traditional” shots that your older relatives will undoubtedly be expecting, I also make it my mission to document your unique stage in life through my lens – unfiltered.

I began my journey into the world of photography many moons ago, a few years before the birth of my 6-year-old. I photographed beautiful weddings, loving couples, crazy cats and dogs, baked goods – and loved it. After a hiatus due to re-prioritizing around other important life happenings, I’m wading back into the photography pool, having a blast capturing new memories.

Photo courtesy: Sherah G Phototgraphy. Because I’ve not yet mastered the art of a DSLR selfie. 😉



Interested in learning more, or scheduling a shoot? Or, just want to go out for a cup of Joe to chat? Fill out the contact form below, or email me at laurakasterphotography@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch. I’m based in the Chicago area, but love excuses to travel, so please don’t be shy!